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  • ICAEA 15th forum
    Paris April 18th and 19th 2013
    Cross Cultural Awareness and Aviation English Training.

  • ICAEA 14th forum
    Bangkok Thailand November 29th - 30th 2012
    Maintaining ICAO Compliance: The Links between Training and Testing.

  • ICAEA 13th forum
    Brasilia on 12th and 13th November 2011
    Training and Testing - the same aim

  • 12th ICAEA FORUM 2011
    Buenos Aires 29th and 30th September 2011

  • 11th ICAEA FORUM 2011
    Toulouse 6th and 7th September 2011
    Rating for ICAO Language Proficiency Standards

  • Tenth International Civil Aviation English Association Forum
    Kuala Lumpur, November 23 to 24th 2010
    Beyond 2011

  • Ninth International Civil Aviation English Association Forum
    Warsaw May 2008
    Testing for ICAO compliance: Best practice in aviation English proficiency assessment

  • Eighth International Civil Aviation English Association Forum
    Moller Centre, Cambridge 31 August - 1 September 2007
    Aviation English Training: Choices and Solutions

  • Seventh International Civil Aviation English Association Forum
    Forum Besançon 1st and 2nd September 2005
    Teaching and Learning Aviation English

  • Luxembourg, Luxemburg, September 2003 :
    Testing Aviation English Language Skills and Competencies for Controllers and Pilots.

  • Warsaw, Poland, September 2002 :
    The effects of the conclusions of ICAO's Proficiency Requirements in Common English Study Group

  • Sixth International Aviation English Forum
    24th and 25th April 1997, Paris
    New Technology, Better Aviation English Communication and Training?

  • Riga, Latvia, September 1996:
    Initial Training in English for Radiotelephony

  • Luxembourg, May 1996:
    Recurrent Training in English for Radiotelephony

  • Toulouse, France, February 1995:
    Cockpit Resource Management

  • Fifth International Aviation English Forum
    17th and 18th March 1994, Paris
    People, Flying Machines and English

  • Warsaw, Poland, September 1994:
    Lexicography and Teaching Aviation English Terminology

  • Bournemouth, UK, October 1993:

  • Helsinki, Finland, June 1993:
    Simplified English

  • Prague, Czech Republic, May 1993:
    English Requirements and Technical Training

  • Fourth International Aviation English Forum
    21st and 22nd November 1991, Paris
    Aviation English Standards

  • Aviation English Teaching Forum
    20th and 21st March 1987, Paris

  • Aviation English Teaching Forum
    8th and 9th March 1985, Paris

  • Aviation English Teaching Forum
    24th March 1984, Paris


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