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16th International ICAEA Conference, October 2013, Turkey

Onboard communications: a key to safety and service quality

ICAEA is holding its 16th international forum in Istanbul, Turkey on 3rd and 4th October, 2013. The event will be hosted by Turkish Airlines. Onboard cabin and flightdeck communications and how these relate to safety and service quality will be explored.

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Cross Cultural Awareness and Aviation training
- Paris April 18th & 19th 2013


18/07/2012 - ICAO / ICAEA Rated Speech Samples Training Aid (RSSTA) Update

ICAO has now launched the RSSTA. Users can access the samples free of charge at the ICAO website.

On 12th July 2012, ICAEA delivered a further 30 samples to ICAO. These samples will be added to the RSSTA in due course.  


We are pleased to report that ICAO has just launched a new improved Aviation English Language Test Service (AELTS) website. The purpose of this service is to identify and formally recognize those tests of aviation English designed specifically for aviation and that meet ICAO's Language Proficiency Requirements. More information about the service and the tests that have been recognized can be found at

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ICAEA Voices

At the 2013 AGM, the ICAEA Board elected a new president, secretary and vice presidents. Three new members also joined the Board. Click ICAEA Board to see the composition of the new 2013 ICAEA Board.

ICAEA is a non profit-making association created under a 1901 French law. Originally....

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